The Bedroom Shot:  The Picture links to over a dozen sites of cycling enthusiasts.
								Mouse-over bike components or frame parts to find them...but
 							...STAY AWAY FROM OTHER STUFF IN THE ROOM.     Have some respect, it's my bedroom! 
								There's some private and personal stuff in there...
								...and some of it may not be suitable for your viewing!

Любовь к велосипеду 2 Brussels Express Manifesto Lifecycle Tribute to Lance Armstrong Tour of Courage -pickup truck Hitler bicycle rant Descente Vtt 968 (MTB Freeride - Best Trick) :  PUSH PULL Why do people hate cyclists: The Sunday Ride I crush them: Cycling Explained:   David the Alpha Male Cyclist: The 100 mile bike ride:  Shit Cyclists Say:   Funny Cycling Moments:   Tyler Hamilton Interview (Part 1 of 7):   My Grandfather's Art Time PRIVATE - PLEASE DON'T OPEN You can't come here PRIVATE - Don't touch the drapes!


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