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  Topics on this page seem to bring animosity among my family and friends.  Viewing it here, you won't have to listen to me rant my opinion about something you disagree with  
  You may think this material is radical; it is...like life, history, or current global affairs.  

  Material presented here, generally supports my learning, because admittedly, I doubt I ever had an original idea anyway.  It's here for you.  Enjoy!  

Facts about Passover? Easter? 3 days and 3 nights?  Last Supper?

Bible ABC.net offers biblically accurate lessons
with no extra denominational twist. And it's a nice 
quick reference tool.
	Search the entire Bible

 Use the bible search tool above, to check out
 verses quickly!  This is so convenient 
 compared to flipping paper pages; and it's 
 especially useful looking up references while 
 watching videos below.

       On-line English-Greek Interlinear		


"Money as Debt" condenses historical and current money mechanics 
into concise cartoon format; for youngsters and adults. 

 - Should be taught at home and in schools!

             One of my favorite charities  - videos 

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If all this religo-political agenda makes you sick and you'd 
rather just do something good.  Consider this/start here:


                   Seven Wonders of the World


  You'd think that the 600 years of the 
  inquisition (1203 - 1805), over 200 years 
  ago, would be best forgotten and and the 
  behavior of the pope and church out-dated.  
  Well, guess what?  This video tells that 
  present-day Roman Catholic doctrine and 
  the pope still claim authority to conduct 
  such evil activities should the pope choose.  
  Thank God that most of us learned our
  religion from our mother and not the Roman
  Catholic hierarchy!

 Vatican Archive - Code of Cannon Law Can. 1311

 Vatican Archive - Code of Cannon Law Can. 752


                        MUST WATCH!
 As with the 1995/96 work "How the International Bankers Gained
 Control of America", this work epitomizes exceptional research, 
 spans history, it highlights symbolism thoroughly embedded into
 a one-time most-popular children's storybook "The Wonderful 
 Wizard of Oz".  From the genius of author L. Frank Baum in 1899,
 symbolism personifies the economic woes of our nation in crises 
 over 100 years ago...by the way, the same woes enslave us today:  
 Specifically a debt based economy, fractional reserve banking, 
 government borrowing private bank created money rather than 
 simply issuing and backing its own notes, and finally our own 
 lack of understanding and action.    Emerald City = Green back 
 Yellow brick road = Gold Standard.  Cowardly Lion = Leadership
 Tin Man = Industrial Workers    Scarecrow = Struggling farmers    
 If we watched these documentaries in our school days, we'd have 
 been educated and motivated, rather than in detention for fall-
 ing asleep in class.  This documentary tells us how to fix it!

                  World Water Day Video from charity: water 


A History of the Papacy 
by Richard Bennett-Catholic Priest of 22 years.
Richard's teachings open curtains to shed light 
on Roman Catholic hierarchal evolution, from 
early Christianity to the present.  Somewhat in 
opposition to the papal institution and the 
blasphemous behavior of many of its persons and 
doctrines, Richard remains wholly compassionate 
and committed to Catholics.  He provides truths 
many refuse to take serious or search for.  
We Catholics seem to explain away the absolute 
horrors and deviations from biblical teaching in 
a less embarrassing method of mind-resolution...
disbelief, neglect, norming, needing, and then 
finally accepting, defending or abandoning our 
unknown; content with a mere vague serenity in 
following or abandoning the traditional religion 
of our parents rather than maturing in Christ.

 Look it up above "one is your Master"


	     "Money as Debt II" 

	Great follow up to THE MONEY MASTERS' 
	"Money as Debt I". Should be taught 
	in every home and school!  
	Money mechanics/economics/shortfalls
	in a concise cartoon lesson.

	For our own children's prosperity, 
	these are things we should teach them.

	How can we teach our children if we
	were never taught?  Pull up a chair
	and watch.  Watch it a few times.  

	This cartoon, precisely explains what 
	we should know about money and credit.

           Another Favorite Charity 

  The founder Chris Mortenson, like Mother 
  Teresa found a way to bear the burden of 
  good works, rather  than scoff at his own 
  immense proposition.  He also co-authored 
  the book Three Cups of Tea.


  "Wow", made in 1995/6s-still great! 
  The Money Masters-"How International 
  Bankers Gained Control of America" 
  teaches world and United States 
  history better than a college course,
  but a 7th grader can understand it!
  This video crams a semester's worth 
  of amazing history and still-current
  money mechanics into about 3 hours...
  ...And you'll wish there was more as
  every bit is not just worth learning,
  but as intriguing as modern movies
  of action and espionage, and it will 
  shed light to better understand
  today's news and politics.  

  Of all the documentaries I watched in
  my life, this is motivation to think.


Well when I started watching this, it immediately seemed like 
more irrational hype, especially given my past occasional view 
of Alex Jones "bombastic/obnoxious, Roseanne Barr-like persona,
with a way-out radial ranting style"; ...until I listened a bit 
longer.  He brings some credible sources who shed patriotic 
insight contrasting the rational of recent politics and events. 
He seems to promote "conspiracy theory" type "BS"...except for 
all the fact and truth.  If you  listen longer you might even 
come to believe "it's not a matter of conspiracy, but a matter 
of who's involved".  If you look beyond his persona, and listen 
to the message... Well, I think he hit the mark with this one! 

Regardless even of a conspiracy and very importantly, we ought 
to listen to this to understand certain views of events, simply 
because conspiracy or not, it doesn't take a genius to realize 
"We should change directions before we get where we're headed!"

   Money as Debt III: Evolution Beyond Money

Third of the "Money as Debt" series.  This 
video builds on the simplification of the two 
earlier videos.  It offers further realistic 
explanation for our money system, our 
debt-money problems, and vulnerabilities of 
alternative money systems.  It also gives 
brief insight into barter and exchange 
systems aside from our own and many other 
national or world government-botched 
monetary systems today. 


  The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers

Shares fabulous compilation of research; 
enlightening perhaps on the faith of a few 
famous US founding fathers.  A history not
taught in my school.  Facts may surprise!

* In defense of the founding fathers:  Who 
knows the damage the corrupt Catholic church,
(it's inquisition [1203 - 1805] then in effect 
for a FEW HUNDRED years and still in effect
there-after for a hundred or so more years), 
and Gnostic heresy caused to ruin any 
intelligent or otherwise educated respect for 
corrupt/false teaching or even 'real' faith?

The Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings
                   Volume 1

If you ever wondered about conflicting stories 
asking, "Who really founded the USA, the
pilgrims, puritans, masons, freedom seekers, 
federalists, republicans, etc?"  This video 
presents researched information to answer.

Some may scoff as if this were conspiracy 
theory baloney.  I think it does a good job  
indicating the influence and effect of some
of the less sanctioned or traditionally 
accepted and differing entities and their 
agendas, plans, conspiracies and actions.  

              A Lamp in the Dark
       The Untold History of the Bible

Exceptional presentation of extensive research 
telling a great and intriguing history of the 
King James Bible.  

'Another long one (exhaustive even); still, I
watched it several times in-a-row and since 
began researching bible translations, history,
and languages.  

'Really daunting; history shows how hard, 
repeatedly and throughly people tried to 
control and enforce what other people would 
think or wouldn't think.    

Perhaps unfortunatley, not elaborated in 
this documentary is the fact that 'true 
Christian scripture/doctrine' was in many 
locals of Europe and the Mid-East tainted 
with Gnostic teaching.   Still disregarding 
that fact, this documentary offers much of
an absolutely fabulous compilation and 
historical account of the development of 
what is so often referred to as "the King 
James Bible" today.

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